My husband and I worked with Carl on a recent home purchase and had a wonderful experience. We were first time buyers and initially were very apprehensive about entering such a competitive market and truth be told didn’t really know what we were looking for. Carl was very patient with us and really put in extra effort to meet our needs. He provided us with a wealth of information about the market and the homes we were evaluating, but never put any pressure on us.

Carl has a friendly, easy going personality that immediately makes you feel as if you have known him for years. With Carl, we knew that we were working with someone who was interested in helping us purchase a home that was right for us rather than just closing a deal. Additionally he was extremely responsive; anytime we needed him he was there – to answer questions, provide information, or schedule last minute showings. He was truly on top of his game. When we found the home we wanted he was extremely diligent and helped make it ours.

We can’t thank Carl enough for helping us on the road to home ownership and highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding real estate agent.

- Jaime

Carl was referred to us by a colleague & his wife who, with Carl’s help, found their dream home in the same area where we knew we wanted to live. With Carl as our realtor, we too found the house which we will make our home for years to come.

Carl’s knowledge of the South Bay area neighborhoods and schools, and his extensive knowledge of the housing financial market proved to be huge factors in our final home buying decision. He was always helpful in providing sound advice related to the housing market fluctuations. And he provided us with great information about the local area schools which was very important to us in helping to make our decision.

Carl stays committed to his clients through thick and thin. Even after the sale, Carl continues to help us with renovating/remodeling tips and service provider contacts.

- Omahen

We worked with Carl on a recent purchase and had a great experience. It was our first purchase so we didn’t really know what to expect. The last thing we wanted is to be pressured into buying, and Carl really put us at easy the whole time and was very patient. We never felt pressured into anything, but boy was he on top of when we found a place that we wanted.

He is very knowledgeable about the market in South Bay, knows other agents and contractors. He stays on top of any movement in the market, prices and is also is very in tune with economic trends, rates and will give you an honest opinion about where he thinks the market is moving or what is the good price for a particular home. Carl owns several townhouses that he rents, so as we were walking through some of the fixer-uppers, he knew how much any renovation would cost and appeared a real handyman. That was very helpful.

Carl is very easygoing and good to work with. He was very responsive, and I don’t think we waited more than 30 minutes even if he couldn’t answer the phone. Always responded to our emails within minutes, and I just felt he really cared. We would call him late at night, on the weekends, and he would always be very friendly and ready to conquer the next showing and answer any questions we may had (and we had a lot trust me). There would be times where I would email him about the showing in the morning, and he would drop everything and be there by noon to walk us through.

One of the best characteristics that I appreciated in Carl was, when we did find a house that we liked, he really went after it. He is very persistent and I think that is important in this competitive market.

Going through the closing process with him was also very smooth. There was a lot of paperwork to go through, but he was very patient to explain every document and prepared us mentally for what will happen in escrow (primarily with our bank).

I highly recommend working with Carl on your next purchase, as he has such a great personality, easy to talk to, and is just a genuine guy. We were also his tenants for 2 years, and are happy to have him as our agent and built a relationship that I am sure will continue after the purchase.

- Petar

Working with Carl Henkel was an absolute pleasure. Because of the difficulties associated with winning a home bidding war and financing that purchase near the end of the Great Recession, we needed a realtor who could deduce the best opportunities in a market with low inventory and frequent over-bidding by prospective buyers. So like many buyers, our house hunting process began with some trepidation and puzzlement. It must have been karma that led me to find a realtor like Carl, who was passionate in his efforts to find me the right home. Carl played no games, had a straight forward approach and offered clear communication on our path to homeownership.

I tended to be very fastidious on finding the perfect house, and he was always very patient and informative in showing me various style homes around the beach communities we had targeted. He tirelessly kept working with me for well over a year searching for my dream home. Even when I added more layers of complexity to the home search by including my new fiancé to the mix, Carl didn’t skip a beat and graciously spent time with my fiancé discussing his concerns and priorities, and incorporated those new desires into the search. Once we finally found the house that fit our many ‘must have’ requirements, we soon learned the ‘as is’ home listing – on just its first day on the market – had eight bids, many of them not surprisingly over the asking price. Yet Carl’s ability to convince the selling realtor of our intentions, matched with his thorough knowledge of the current realty market, led to our winning the bid. Once notified our offer was accepted, Carl then worked his way through the rest of the purchase process, including negotiating a sizeable credit from the seller, again showing us his expertise in dealing with the complexities of the realty business.

Beyond the sale, realizing we had many months of remodeling ahead of us, Carl went above and beyond his real estate role by recommending the right skilled labor crews and general contractor options, seamlessly allowing us to get multiple projects started right away. We have been in our home now for just over 18 months and although we still have one more major construction project left to go, we are overjoyed to be living here every day. It’s our perfect ‘forever’ home. We are very thankful that we were able to find a realtor like Carl Henkel who we could trust and recommend to others. And perhaps equally important, he shared the vision of our home and enjoyed the process of helping us achieve our dream of coastal living as much as we did.

– Liz and Ron, Redondo Beach, CA.

Carl Henkel is a hard working and talented realtor that handled all aspects of finding our quaint little Spanish house in Westwood for us. At the time, we were living and working in the Westlake so he handled much of the heavy lifting for us. My wife looked for houses online and Carl did the rest. I remember being on a business trip to the east coast and Carl even helped us get settled in during the move in process after the deal had already closed. He went above and beyond his call of duty and made the process run smoothly. I feel confident that he got us both a great price and the home and neighborhood that my wife and I wanted to be in.

- Sean and Katie Redmond, Westwood, CA.

Being a licensed broker and an active local property manager made Carl very knowledgeable about our particular real estate market and an easy choice for us to sell our home.  Carl and his team had a plan for us to obtain maximum value for our home and it worked to perfection, within 1 week after being listed!  Carl is a great negotiator and did a fantastic job for us and we recommend him highly.

Brian & Louise, Redondo Beach, CA